Employability Skills



Overview:  Education and experience make you eligible to apply for a job but, to be successful in most roles, you will need certain skills.

As a general rule, employers are willing to teach someone the job-specific skills required, such as how to operate a particular machine or use a particular computer package that is very specific to that role or for the company. However, they usually want to see that you already have the other ‘Skill set’ before hiring, because they are much harder to teach.

From an employee perspective, for many people today, a career for life is no longer an option. Most people will hold jobs with a variety of employers and move across different employment sectors throughout their working life.

Therefore, nowadays people need to be flexible in their working patterns and be prepared to change jobs and/or sectors if they believe that there are better opportunities elsewhere.

For this, the present-day job seekers/employees need to understand that they all have a set of transferable skills. Sometimes this set of skills is also termed as Foundation Skills or Work-readiness Skills or Job-readiness Skills or Employability Skills. These are set of skills that are not specific to one particular career path but are useful across all employment sectors.

Course Description

This course has been specially designed keeping in view the various skills/soft skills needed by a present-day smart employee. This course will help the participants to understand the nuances of different skills. Thus, they will become industry-ready / fit.

This course will help the participants to become effective, mature, success-oriented, acceptable by honing their skillset and enabling them to match the standard of effectiveness, maturity level, success orientation mindset, acceptability desired in the corporate world. At the same time, participants will be interview-ready also.


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