Basic Refrigeration Training Program (BRTP)


What Will I Learn?

  • Course is specially designed for service technicians/customer care executives
  • Basics of refrigeration system, working of Air Conditioner
  • Understanding of various components used in refrigeration system
  • Opportunity for working in refrigeration plants such as cold storage, Milk Cooling & Processing Plant, etc.


The ambient temperature is rising day by day globally. The future rise in temperature depends on various factors, mainly on carbon emission. It is projected that even annual carbon emissions increase more slowly and begin to decline significantly by 2050, the temperatures would still be at least 2.4 degrees warmer than the first half of the 20th century, and possibly up to 5.9 degrees warmer. This rise in temperature brings a demand for appliances such as AC, Freeze, Deep Freezer, Water Coolers, etc., and ultimately the demand for trained technicians/ engineers to install & maintain these appliances by providing customer service efficiently.

Course Description

BRTP course has been developed keeping in mind to provide the basic knowledge on refrigeration & air conditioning to enable the technicians /engineers to acquire adequate knowledge to attend this equipment and build upon his career to generate revenue and lead his life.


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