Service Reinforcement Training Program (SRTP)


  • Course is specially designed for service managers/ customer care executives
  • Very much suitable for all service personnel irrespective to their industry & position
  • Understanding of various service concepts, theories and practices with its practical application
  • Opportunity for cross industry learning, best practices, & proven strategy for success
  • Solving various complex case studies, group discussion to find the most suitable solution



As competition is being intensified & product differentiations have little role to play, the only area where the companies can make a sustainable & impactful differentiation is customer service. Customer service has become a complex & challenging domain across all industries because customers of 21st century are well informed, digitally savvy & less loyal to any brand. However, there are ways to make them delight, brand loyal and lifetime repeat buyer which in turn ensure consistent growth of companies / service providers and stay ahead of competition.

Course Description

SRTP course has been specially designed by keeping the important & dynamic role the service managers and personnel are going to play to keep themselves ahead of the learning curve in order to position their organization/ service function ahead of the competition. The course will make participants understand the basic concepts of service and its effective application which will help them to navigate in service leadership journey.


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